AWW SW & the Huntsman! I have been meaning to do an in-depth feels post about it. SW/Huntsman is my first-ever het otp, I think. I did a Loki edit today with lyrics from Breath of Life, which is the closing credits song.

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That closing credits song was just sldkjfdjfasdjklfjsdjf YES BEST.  I am going to go download the fuck out of that.

I could gush for hoursandhoursandhours about all of the awesome visuals in that movie omg.  SYMBOLISM.  GENIUS MANIPULATION OF TROPES.  LET ME DIE.

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excuse me do you know anything about this porn parody of the avengers. do thor and loki fuck. i need to know these things. you'll notice i have abandoned capitals. that means i really need to know.

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I’m amused that you think I know anything about mainstream porn

I could make some educated guesses about the content of this parody, though

  • everyone is 63’d
  • and wearing skimpy outfits (when they’re wearing anything at all)
  • the “hammer” jokes will be endless
  • loki’s staff will probably get some use
  • lots of girl-on-girl

IDK I might check it out just for lulz

if somebody can get ahold of it a livestream would be a hell of a lot of fun

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