“So demanding, brother,” Loki purrs into Thor’s ear, lips brushing the shell, and the sibilants make the proud warrior beneath him jerk and arch. “Always so certain that you will have what you want.”

Thor’s arms strain against the whisper-thin spellstrands that bind them, stretch them up and over his head and pin them together near the headboard—all his might, all his strength, constrained by a few strings of green light wrapped around his wrists and ankles and a sigil traced in the air with a fingertip. It leaves the core of him open—exposed—vulnerable—just as Loki wishes it. No matter how his muscles tense, pull, shudder, he cannot break those slender green streaks, nor lift the anchor that holds them down.

“Such a greedy little thing you are. Selfish. Caring only for your own desires.”


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out, damned spot [Loki, PG-13] →

Hey look I did another thing for the kinkmeme.  I couldn’t help it, the prompt for Loki being blood-phobic called to me. I included some Thor/Loki at the end (because I am apparently incapable of not doing so), but it can be read as brotherly if you like.

Loki has very sensitive nipples and Thor can make him come in his trousers by just coming up behind him and rubbing them through his tunic, can make him come over and over until he’s a sweaty, panting, whining mess by licking and sucking them.


okay I’m going to go write this now

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Seeing the words “Loki” and “tsundere” in the same sentence amuses me more than it should.

(probably because it’s kind of my headcanon oh dear)