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“I’m impressed, brother…” Loki mused, closing in on Thor’s neck to lower his voice, “I did not know you could stretch so….wide. You must have been practicing.” A smile suddenly teased his lips as he watched Thor’s hips twitch to rhythm of his fingers. It amused Loki to see his proud, noble brother so desperate, so debauched. So he plunged his fingers a little harder, working them in and out of his glistening hole.

Loki’s filthy words and extra efforts only wrangled another clench from Thor’s abdomen. He suppressed another moan, but his mind was reeling. He was so ready, so eager to be fucked. Thor tensed his jaw and closed his eyes to chase the imagery away, but the wet, lewd noises of Loki’s continuous thrusts only made his cock pulse in anticipation.

Loki narrowed his eyes to see his brother try to get away. No, he didn’t want him to escape to his little world. He wanted him here. With a jerking, vengeful push, he jammed his fingers a little deeper, purposely skimming that tight, hot bundle of nerves inside of him. Thor suddenly keened, swerving his hips and almost whining to make Loki push him over the edge. This was too much, too intense for him to hold. So it was with an involuntary sigh that beads of precome steadily leaked from Thor’s tip, the wet feeling of prerelease charging his skin and hardening his cock. 

“Loki-” Thor gulped, ringing his hands through the restraints. He needed to touch, he needed to come, he needed so many things.

“Hush now, or do you want me to abuse your hole even more?”

“Loki, plea-“

“You must be hard of hearing or you really want to be fucked,” Loki growled as he curled his fingers to finally ram into that tight spot of heat. Thor gave in to a pathetic whimper, arching his back to rock back and forth on that sweet spot again and again. He breathed out a few more desperate noises before letting his hips settle down with a quiver, ashamed. He wanted it, craved it, lived for that feeling. He wanted more, something thicker, wider.

“Loki, Loki, Loki,” Thor chanted dryly, breathing into his brother’s neck. Nothing else mattered, he just needed to come, needed Loki to fuck him raw until he couldn’t breathe. 

His name on his brother’s tongue pleased him, but Loki wasn’t about to indulge him so soon. The trickster teasingly withdrew his fingers with a smirk, watching Thor’s hole pulse for more as he hitched his breath. “I will fill you up brother, I promise you. I’ll leave you begging to come when I’ve only teased your hole with my cock. And then I’ll take you, pound you until you’re nothing but a common wench,” he paused, whispering his last words in his ear, “And just when you can’t take anymore, I’ll stretch you some more, scraping what little dignity you have left just to hear you cry my name over and over again.,” Thor sucked in a low breath as he felt Loki’s hand press into his abdomen. “And I’ll come in you, making it overflow, just like you like it. And you’ll be so full with my seed, so well bred…..would you like that, brother?” Loki smiled.


“Too bad.”



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Bloodflow, Part Twelve →




(with this part)

Also, a plot point happens which will probably end up making this longer than I intended.  OH WELL.  WHO CARES.  NOT ME.


and one more time.

Bloodflow, Part Twelve →



(with this part)

Also, a plot point happens which will probably end up making this longer than I intended.  OH WELL.  WHO CARES.  NOT ME.


Bloodflow, Part Twelve →


(with this part)

Also, a plot point happens which will probably end up making this longer than I intended.  OH WELL.  WHO CARES.  NOT ME.

Distractions →

ngl, I love this particular kind of scenario.

Also, magic bondage = yes.

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Pressure →

Okay so I’ve read this fic like eight times.


wow this is really heterosexual

hey so I just reposted one of my old prompts on norsekink →

somebody go fill it hint hint

Run On Home, Little Princess (Part 4) →


If anyone around here is reading it, I finally got around to posting part 4 the other night.  Part 5 might be a while, though. @___@

guys this is my SO

he writes awesome fic

go read it

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I’m in desperate need of some new stories here. 

<3 I’ll love you forever.

(All links go to AO3.)

Won’t Be Held Down By Who I Used to Be

Unreliable Narrator

Better Than Ice Cream

Looks Like a Nail

In Plain Sight

apples, wolf’s teeth, a weight against the fall

Chaos War


Slipping from Skin to Skin


A Fit Companion

These are a few of my favorites.  Most of them are smutty because I am a porn fiend.  XD  All relevant warnings and such are on the linked pages (or at least they should be :/).

Aaaaaaaand here is the tag for some stuff I wrote.  /shameless self-promotion

out, damned spot [Loki, PG-13] →

Hey look I did another thing for the kinkmeme.  I couldn’t help it, the prompt for Loki being blood-phobic called to me. I included some Thor/Loki at the end (because I am apparently incapable of not doing so), but it can be read as brotherly if you like.

oh my god this video you guys →







oh christ their faces I can’t

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