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During the bit where Thor is experiencing S.H.I.E.L.D’s hospitality and Loki pays a visit, Loki takes advantage of the fact that Thor is no more powerful than the average Midgardian. I’d love to see some powertripping Loki!

[Yes, good.


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humiliation. yes I just saw yanagoya’s latest art.

[Ooh.  Hmm.  This has potential, yes.

This one got weird.  Mostly because I had to do some finagling to get anywhere near a sadistic Thor.  Oh, Loki.]

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Sensation play. ALL the sensation play.

[How did I know you were going to ask me for this? XD

…Holy fucking shit this veered way into left field, what the hell.  WARNING, FEELS AHEAD.]

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AGH THE POSSIBILITIES. Hmm how about… frottage, up against a wall, still mostly clothed?

[I’ve been developing a bit of a Thing for frot lately.  It’s entirely this fandom’s fault.  Om nom, desperate quickies.

…oops I got feelings in my porn.]

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This requires serious thought! How about multiple orgasm and orgasm denial. Both. And one of them being fucked after oragasming when they’re still really sensitive. -Astor

[Astor.  Astor have I told you how much I love you lately.  Gnah.

Also: This one includes cuntboy!Loki because I can.]

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GHOLY FUCK uhhhh lemme see, Thor likes to pretend that Loki’s his sister and likes for Loki to dress up as a girl…a slave girl…i guess.

[…I didn’t think this one would end up as long as it did.  LOL DESCRIPTION PORN.]

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Thor is fond of blood play and temperature play. Loki wants to be tied up and have blood on him (because he really really wants to be Thor’s brother despite things like incest and adoption). Can you work all these kinks into a fic!?


Challenge accepted.]

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